What are some activities you like to do during your vacations?

Free Things to Do on HolidayTake a walk (also known as taking a walk). Take photos (and turn them into a game). Visit a beach (it doesn't have to be the ocean). Be sure to check the company's websites to see if you need to reserve a spot or if you can just show up.

It's easy to fear a long stopover coming up, but in reality it's an often overlooked way to include some excitement during a long journey to your final destination. Depending on the flight route, the stopover airport can offer interesting tours of the nearest city (usually with a stopover of more than 4 hours). Or, if you have a 4-hour stopover anyway, why not do 10 and make sure you have enough time to visit more than one attraction? For a list of some ideas, check out our helpful blog post and our Pinterest board for airport stopovers. It's been less than a week since the finals ended at the University of Minnesota, and I, among many of my other friends, have nothing to do anymore.

Since January, all of our schedules have been filled with homework and studies. The new freedom that summer brings provides endless time (between our summer work shifts, of course) for new activities and things you wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to do during the school year. Below is a list of 40 different activities to keep you entertained during your break and to make the most of your summer. So, fully enjoy your summer vacation and try to devote some time to your studies as well.

Relax mindfully, because as soon as you return from vacation, you'll be buckled up again with your exams and tests all year round. But don't feel sad because education is a powerful weapon that can decide your future. If you study now, you can enjoy it later. If you play, you have to work hard later.

Segway tours are a great activity option for adults of all ages and older teens (see minimum age requirements), and there are usually options to go downtown or to the neighborhood.

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