How many episodes are there of vacation house rules?

Episodes (1) A couple's beachfront vacation home has been empty for years. With a desire to generate significant rental income, they hire contractor Scott McGillivray and designer Debra Salmoni to turn their abandoned property into a lake lover's dream. Vacation House Rules returns for a second season on HGTV next month with Scott McGillivray returning as host. There were eight episodes in the first season and 13 episodes have been ordered for the second season.

They turn to contractor Scott McGillivray and designer Debra Salmoni to give them a 1980s-inspired facelift and create a profitable, revenue-generating vacation property. With your guide, even the most neglected excavations are transformed into unique, beautiful and cost-effective holiday homes for visitors to enjoy. Scott McGillivray and Debra Salmoni are preparing to create a true European vacation experience for future property guests. In the second season, a shady cabin transforms into a family retreat, a lakeside cabin rises to a five-star winter sanctuary, an abandoned art studio becomes a stylish vacation rental.

Even though HGTV is already full of renewal shows like Good Bones and Fixer to Fabulous, Vacation House Rules is the perfect show for viewers. A firefighter and his daughter hope to turn their underused, outdated country house into a profitable vacation rental. A couple wants to convert an old art studio into a vacation rental with the help of Scott McGillvray and Debra Salmoni. They turn to Scott McGillivray and Debra Salmoni to give this waterfront home a 1980s-inspired renovation that will make it a fun and profitable vacation property.

The Canada-based contractor and real estate expert “proves that homeowners don't need a million dollars to own their dream vacation home, according to a news release. With your guide, even the most neglected and uninhabitable properties will be transformed into unique, beautiful and profitable vacation homes for visitors to enjoy. With two seasons and 23 episodes under its belt already, and 12 more episodes in Season 3, Vacation House Rules shows just how much potential rentals can have and add the fun of the vacation. The series, featuring real estate expert Scott McGillivray, follows the professional as he guides homeowners on how to unlock the full rental potential of their vacation property.

Relying on his years of experience in real estate and smart renovations, Scott will teach families how to take their vacation property and unlock its full rental potential. For viewers with vacation rentals that need renovation and who want to appear in the Vacation Home Rules, there are a few, well, rules.

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