Should vacations be mandatory?

It promotes a happier, healthier and more balanced workforce. Get the latest COVID-19 and safety updates from the Insperity Information Hub. When employees schedule their PTO, ask them to work with their manager to think and plan how their work will perform while they are away. This encourages cross-training, which also supports productivity.

Employees who take mandatory vacations each year are more likely to return to work with a renewed purpose. When an employee goes to work every day of the week for several months or even years in a row, it can be easy for that employee to lose sight of their purpose in the workplace. Some employees burn out or simply lose their passion for work. A mandatory vacation forces employees away from their work for a period of time, which can ultimately encourage employees to regain their passion for their work and rekindle their sense of purpose within the company.

However, even if employees take a few days off from time to time, a mandatory vacation policy requires that these employees do so within the course of a year. Because many Americans haven't been using their vacation time, some companies have taken matters into their own hands by demanding time off. As more states and cities require employers to offer paid sick leave, companies with PTO policies may find that, in order to comply with regulations, they must return to the old system of offering separate banks of time off for vacation and sick days. Some companies also reward employees who have worked there for several years with additional paid time off or mandatory vacation.

A mandatory vacation policy is a policy that requires employees to take a fixed number of vacation days per year. If you implement a mandatory PTO policy, you'll need to prepare your managers on how to handle vacation and vacation requests during popular times. Implementing a mandatory vacation policy can also help improve employee satisfaction in the workplace. And while it may make you feel better employed to work more and vacation less, not taking time off could have the opposite effect.

If that's not enough reason to start taking vacation time seriously, here are four more reasons with metrics to consider. In fact, it's so important that companies must require (or at least strongly recommend) employees to use their vacations. Employers who implement a mandatory vacation policy tend to attract more talent than employers who don't. Whether the person goes on vacation or spends the week looking at universities with their final year graduating, forcing them out of the office has allowed them to let go of work stress and focus on their life outside the office.

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